Our Clients

This says everything about CROMOCON!



“Our customers are now making buildings and environments extremely accessible”



“Using the Cromocon Meter has just saved us two days of hard work”

Kersten Sonnemann,  Architect London, UK

“We used the meter to measure the LRV of steel surfaces which won our company a multi-million £ contract”

        Sorba Project Leader

“The Cromocon meter is a terrific device and saves so much time”

Aloha,  Jean Tessmer,  Space Options,  Hawaai, USA

“There is a great need for more colour and contrast information”

Access Officer, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Planning Service, UK

“It’s a no-brainer! Using this will save us a load of money and time”

Design Practice, Cambridge Science Park, UK

“We no longer waste days with loads of sample pots of paints and indecision – we get it right first time – thank you ”

NiN Ltd, UK

“A measure of success!

Lori Pinkerton-Rolet, Director Park Grove

“New light reflectance value testing service provides easy LRV tile matching”

Ray Smith, Director Porcel-Thin

“The Ready Reckoner in THE CONTRAST GUIDE on contrast and safety for use on a construction site is really very handy”

Project Manager, WAVE, UK

“ THE CONTRAST GUIDE is a great reference handbook; it explains everything about the use and application of contrast – I use the meter all the time with design and engineering students”

Alessio Corso, Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University

“Your book, ‘Lighting and Colour for Hospital Design’ has been extremely useful on all our projects”

Jenny Willat, Søren Jehnsen Radgivende Ingeniørfirma, Denmark


“CROMOCON customers are always top of our agenda for assistance and training”