The Contrast Guide

The Contrast Guide shows how contrast is easily achieved. It is a comprehensive resource with examples of successful contrast for buildings and interiors and contains a light reflectance value Ready Reckoner for access consultants, designers and architects. Basic terms are explained for contrast specification for the building and product design industries. Tables show the visibility of objects and elements at 30 points of contrast difference. There is a glossary as well as illustrations of typical critical elements of products and environments that must be accessible for people with low vision.

Lighting and Colour for Hospital Design

This comprehensive book is essential reading for designers, architects, facilities management, and many health sector staff.

Written for those who need clear examples of good practice for solutions using colour and lighting in healthcare environments.  It has become a standard reference book and recommended reading by the  the NHS.

“Your book, ‘Lighting and Colour for Hospital Design’ has been extremely useful on our projects”, Jenny Willat, Søren Jehnsen Radgivende Ingeniørfirma, Denmark



Colour Design Schemes for Long-term Healthcare Environments

LRV Meter

“A QR guide on contrast and safety for use on a construction site is very handy”, Project Manager, WAVE, UK.

“A great reference handbook which explains everything about the use and application of contrast - I use it all the time with design students”, Alessio Corso, Senior Lecturer, London South Bank University.