Cromocon App

Cromocon software is available as an App - it predicts the visibility of objects and elements for VIPs (VA 4-9). The App uses 5 Key Factors, that include Contrast (the difference between two adjacent surface LRVs).  A measurement of the LRV of surfaces must be made first with the Cromocon Meter to establish Contrast between two objects - e.g. a wall LRV 20, minus a door LRV 60 = 40 contrast difference so enter 40 in the App. Check out the USA APP soon!

Contrast makes an object, text, surface or any building element Visible to people with low vision. Sliders on the phone vary the input data; push the sliders on the Lux Level, or Dimension of object (e.g bollard width), and the Distance the surface must be seen at. Click the Not Visible if it appears. The App software then calculates options - select one of the suggestions to suit the work. E.G. width of a corridor may limit distance a door is needed to be seen.

“A very simple and useful tool for designers and architects that’s inexpensive and easily downloaded onto your Smartphone or iPad”, Sam Cole, Industrial Designer, London.http://livepage.apple.com/


LRV Meter

Email memailto:info@cromocon.com?subject=Cromoconmeter%20Info
Google Playhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.cromocon.learning.Cromocon

*The CROMOCON USA APP will be released soon