CROMOCON was founded by Professor Hilary Dalke after 30 years research on colour design and vision and the meter was launched in 2003. The company is a multidisciplinary organisation working with a wide range of design and build professionals worldwide.

Specialist teams are created with the expertise and skills required for each CROMOCON project.

We were awarded a commendation by HEFCE & Unltd as a company of outstanding social impact.

Cromocon has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy; donations from profits are given to NBCS.

Staff involved on a project at The Wolverton Centre, Kingston Hospital

LRV Meter



Professor Dalke (Emeritus Kingston University London) was an invited speaker at the BIID Conference at the RIBA in 2014. Dalke is now on the British Standard Institute B/559 committee and involved with the revision of the BS 8493:2008 + A1:2010.